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We are an organization of Georgia rideshare drivers dedicated to making our voices heard and ensuring our drivers have a seat at the table. Join us today, membership is free!

Who we are

We are rideshare drivers that focus on amplifying the voices of Uber and Lyft drivers in Georgia.

our goals

We fight for pay equity and driver safety. We provide a social space for drivers to share their concerns and develop their skills. Our full list of demands can be seen below.

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Sign up and become a member of our organization. Attend our meetings. Participate in our events. Make a donation. Together, we can make a difference.

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Rideshare Drivers United Georgia members will have access to skills training in relevant fields, financial literacy courses, apprenticeship opportunities, and a collaborative discussion around improving the conditions and livelihoods of drivers in Georgia. As a member, you’ll have access to exclusive events and leadership opportunities.

Our members also receive assistance with wrongful deactivations and dispute resolution, as well as representation with policy makers and stakeholders.

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the rights of drivers

On June 5th, 2019, drivers from around Georgia met in Atlanta to provide input for a list of grievances. The items are a result of the input from drivers and serve as a list of demands of Rideshare Drivers United Georgia, Inc. on behalf of our members.

1. Driver Safety

Safety concerns are the top priority for our drivers, as such, drivers deserve a locally-based support team available 24/7 to accommodate the immense safety issues that arise due to the nature of the business.

All passengers shall be required to provide identification, as a condition of use, to maintain accountability when a driver is the victim of a passenger-involved crime.


2. Fair Pay

Drivers deserve a minimum of 80% of the fare that a passenger pays on every ride.

Passenger fares must reflect the full cost to the driver, including gas, maintenance and time.

Drivers that work full-time hours should be compensated at a rate considered a livable wage.

Promotions and bonuses shall be applied fairly and distributed equally amongst drivers.

Drivers have a right to know the full scope of their job before accepting, including the distance, direction, and estimated pay, before accepting a ride.


3. Accountability and Due Process

Many drivers have experienced a wrongful deactivation due to fabricated passenger complaints. These deactivations are often unfair, baseless, and inflict significant harm to the financial status and livelihood of drivers.

Drivers have a right to accountability and transparency in the deactivation process.

Drivers shall not be deactivated for unsubstantiated claims, and drivers that are deactivated shall have access to a locally-based 24/7 resolve disputes, should they arise.


4. Ending Predatory Rental Programs

Both Uber and Lyft offer drivers the “opportunity” to drive a rental car while “earning” money through their respective platforms. These drivers are often spending $1,000 per month on this car, and are forced to make at least $250 a week to keep the car. By their admission, Lyft claims it is expected that a driver works 35 to 45 hours per week to meet this requirement. After a driver earns $250 in a week, they are allowed to earn personal income. 

This practice is deceptive and unacceptable. Uber and Lyft should end these practices.


5. Driver Cap and Regulations

Only Georgia drivers shall be permitted to operate on Georgia roads. Drivers from other states shall not be permitted to drive for a rideshare company in Georgia.

A focus shall be placed on retaining quality drivers, rather than recruiting to compensate for the massive turnover. With that in mind, there shall be a limit to the number of drivers permitted to operate in Georgia.


6. Sustainability and Shared Rides

The current model for Lyft and Uber shared or Pool rides is flawed, requiring drivers to perform more work for less pay, and oftentimes creating confusion for a passenger. 

The model for shared rides needs to be re-worked, allowing rideshare companies to supplement public transportation, rather than compete with it.

Drivers should be incentivized to connect passengers, who normally would be beyond reach, to public transit, while encouraging passengers to utilize transit for the remainder of their trip. This will cut down on congestion and pollution in the busiest parts of the state.

All rideshare drivers shall be required to pass a standard emissions test.


7. Airport Conditions

Drivers shall have access to secure and sanitary facilities at the airport.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport brings in an estimated 8 million dollars per year from Uber and Lyft fees that should be used to improve these conditions in the airport assembly lot.


We are only able to succeed with support from grassroots contributions and dues from our members. Please consider making a charitable, tax-deductible contribution to Rideshare Drivers United Georgia, Inc.

Who we represent

Our drivers come from all over Georgia and the Southeast. The map below shows every zip code where our drivers are located. Don’t see your area on the map? Sign up here!